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The Dangers

Why use TempChecker?

Food hygiene regulations are clear and binding: every business that serves or sells food of any sort must conform to the kind of food temperature chart that sets out the range of temperatures at which foods should be stored and cooked in order to be safe.

The TempChecker food temperature probe app enables you to obey the law and maintain your business’s reputation, all at the same time. Failure to store and serve food property can have serious consequences: in one recent case in Essex, for example, a woman died, thirty-three other people experienced serious food poisoning, and the manager and chef served time in jail. The restaurant’s parent chain, moreover, was fined £1.5m.

The Guardian January 2015

So food hygiene regulations are serious business. The Food Standards Agency and environmental health inspectors are constantly checking that businesses store, cook and reheat food using the correct food temperature chart: it is your responsibility to undertake due diligence, testing and recording food temperatures at every stage of preparation.

The TempChecker food temperature probe app is the best, easiest and most configurable way to do that: every relevant member of your staff can run a copy on their device, and use it to check the temperature of deliveries, of refrigerators, and of cooked food. Problems can be logged, regular checks documents, and failures corrected. You can set your own temperature ranges, assign your own user types and groups, and define processes and procedures unique to your business.

This makes TempChecker your fail-safe means of ensuring your food standards conform precisely with legislation; that you’ll pass any food hygiene regulations inspections with flying colours; and, most importantly, that your customers will be safe.

Don’t be caught out by the harmful bacteria that can multiply when food hygiene regulations aren’t followed: keep your business, your customers and your brand safe with TempChecker.