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Temperature Probe

Food temperature probe app: TempChecker

A food temperature probe is a specialized tool designed to measure accurately the temperature at which food is stored and cooked. Our TempChecker app interfaces with a food temperature probe and interprets the data it collects, displaying and saving these figures in a user-friendly, fully configurable way.

The hardware utilised by TempChecker is a specialist, fully wireless Bluetooth food temperature probe, which can securely transmit data over distances of up to twenty metres. With a response time of less than a second, and a probe component of 130mm in length, its handle is manufactured using antibacterial materials which will inhibit the growth of harmful nasties.

The TempChecker App and Bluetooth Probe together offer a hugely versatile and compatible solution for every business. Our food temperature probe app allows you to record, analyse and store temperature data effectively, configuring acceptable temperature ranges and ensuring that reminder notifications are assigned to the right users for the right times.

The food temperature probe has an effective range of -49.9 to 249.9 ̊C, making it appropriate to every conceivable catering situation. Not only that, but it is specifically designed for use with liquids and semi-solids alike – meaning the probe is suitable for fish, fruit, and other soft foodstuffs.

In short, TempChecker is the fully-fledged one-stop app for the collection, analysis and recording of food temperature data. Tick every food hygiene regulations box with us.

TempChecker: the dedicated food hygiene app complete with food temperature probe