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Meet Food Hygiene Regulations with our food temperature probe app

Food hygiene regulations are complex and simple all at the same time. Complex because there are a range of temperatures and conditions in which food must be prepared and stored; simple because underlying every rule is the simple goal of eliminating harmful bacteria. Food temperature charts set out the range of proper temperatures for various types of food in every conceivable setting.

Storing food at cold temperatures, and cooking it on the right heat, protects the consumer from food poisoning, and food hygiene regulations exist to ensure that caterers and any business providing food conform to key standards. Enforced by the Food Standards Authority, and enshrined in the Food Safety Act of 1999 amongst other legislation, these regulations are absolutely essential for any food business to follow.

It is your legal obligation to conform to food hygiene regulations, and the statutory obligation of the FSA to enforce them. Punishments can be very severe, and can include very large fines and imprisonment. From UK law to EU guidance, the standards set out the manner in which businesses are expected to ensure food is not injurious to human health and is fit for human consumption.

The government has produced a range of guidance and food temperature charts to help businesses understand their obligations (you can look at our easy-to-understand version of the food temperature chart here). Their ‘4 Cs’ – cross-contamination, cleaning, chilling and cooking – offer an excellent means of remembering the key duties of businesses according to food hygiene law.

TempChecker is a food temperature probe app designed to help with the latter two Cs – chilling food at the right temperatures halts the reproduction of bacteria, whilst cooking it properly kills harmful bacteria prior to consumption. Our app is designed to enable your staff to check foodstuffs at every stage, from initial delivery to final preparation – making it easy to obey the law without the need to check paper food temperature tables.

The TempChecker food temperature probe app: food hygiene regulations made easy