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How TempChecker works

Food Hygiene Regulations Sorted: The TempChecker Way

Our food temperature probe app is designed to ensure your business’s compliance with food hygiene regulations at every step of your supply chain. From initial delivery to final service, whatever food you sell in whatever environment, TempChecker has been designed to measure, assess and record temperatures so that you can keep your customers safe.

It’s your legal duty to adhere to food hygiene regulations, and that’s why TempChecker has been designed to be configurable for every foodstuff and any temperature range. The food temperature probe the app uses is high quality and reliable, and the app interface itself is intuitive and easy to understand. Every relevant member of your staff can run a copy of TempChecker, using it to check food properly, regularly and reliably.


Upon delivery, you want to know that the food has been stored correctly. By defining particular foodstuffs and their associated temperature ranges within TempChecker, your staff will be able simply to select the relevant food type, test its temperature with the food temperature probe, and accept or reject the consignment on the spot.

With clear on-screen prompts for proper temperatures and unsafe temperatures (poorly stored food will display red), and user-defined codes associated with reasons for rejection, TempChecker gives you confidence in your supply chain – and a virtual paper trail to evidence due diligence.


Once you have received the goods, keeping them at their proper temperatures becomes your legal duty. Checking refrigerator temperatures regularly is part of the due diligence you will be expected to carry out – and failure to comply with these food hygiene regulations can result in heavy penalties.

In TempChecker, you can add each of your refrigerator units as a separate item, assign particular food types and their temperature ranges to each unit, and log each check properly. Not only that, but TempChecker will issue reminder notifications to relevant staff, and forward non-compliance notices to supervisors – ensuring that every storage unit is checked properly and when it should be.


In many ways, the most important stage is the one at the moment of delivery to the consumer: whether the food has been cooked, reheated, or is being served cold, it is essential that it arrives with the customer having been properly prepared. Food hygiene regulations are designed to protect the public – and your business’s reputation relies on doing so.

The TempChecker food temperature probe is designed to excel at checking a wide range of foodstuffs, and at service stage foods can be approved, chilled or held depending on their type, temperature and environment. Every member of your staff can run a copy of TempChecker – and receive the analysis, notifications and reminders necessary to ensure service is flawless every time.

TempChecker: Stage-by-stage compliance with food hygiene regulations.