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TempChecker – food temperature application

TempChecker, a food temperature probe app is designed to ensure your business complies with food hygiene regulations. It is a smartphone App, linked to a Bluetooth probe, that lets you check and record temperatures of:
  • food delivered from suppliers
  • your fridges and freezers
  • cooked food before it is served
Should your meat supplier deliver items and the temperature doesn’t conform to your preset food temperature chart, your app-using member of staff can reject the meat and explain why it has been rejected by selecting from a menu of reason codes, also defined by you. TempChecker offers you control and confidence. If the staff member responsible for checking fridge temperatures doesn’t quite make it by the designated time, their copy of TempChecker will remind them to do so. If they still haven’t undertaken the task within a further period of time – say, two hours – a notification will appear in their manager’s copy of TempChecker, effectively referring the issue upwards automatically. All of these variables – time, temperature, designated staff – are defined by you, and can be set to ensure you comply with all food hygiene regulations.